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“Recent Anti Aging Discovery...
Beats Leading Wrinkle-Reducer By 150%...
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From: Matt Gallant

Author of Upcoming Book "Extreme Makeovers"

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Dear Friend,

         Are you sick and tired of being dissapointed by anti-wrinkle products? If you are, then this is your lucky day... Because you've just found an anti-aging solution that really works.    

       Now, thanks to a cutting edge breakthrough in skin care, you can reverse years of aging in only 60 days or less! Even after the 1st week of using this breakthrough discovery, you’ll be astonished when you look in the mirror each morning (No matter what your chronological age is.)

   Wouldn’t you love to kiss those dark spots, crow’s feet and wrinkles goodbye? Imagine, looking and feeling like you’ve come out of an expensive spa, while only spending 30 seconds each morning!

   I know you're probably skeptical and you're probably thinking "This sounds too good to be true." But, the scientific proof behind the product is ground breaking and the testimonials are pilling up.

So, don't take my word for it. Here's 3 recent letters I got from users of the Anti Aging Super Serum...

"Tried every anti aging product... this super serum surpasses everyone of them."

Dear Matt,

I am in my late 50's and have tried every anti aging product out in the market today.This super serum surpasses everyone of them. I ordered one bottle and used it for 3 days and couldn't believe the results. It is fantastic and I am receiving so may compliments. I immediately ordered another bottle. I am hooked on this product.

I wish I could buy it by the gallons. I have tons of friends all in their 50's. I surely will tell all of them about it.

Liliana Tarzia- Los Angeles, California

"It's Like Magic..."

“It’s like magic! My husband couldn’t believe it... each day my skin looks better and better. I couldn’t imagine leaving the house without the serum! I can’t thank you enough!”

Christine M., Dog Expert, Switzerland

"After Just A Few Hours... I Can See The Line Coming Out..."

"Well, I got my serum today... wow ! Well after just a few hours of having the serum on my laugh line.....I can see the line coming out.... its just amazing ! It makes your skin feel tight, but not dry. "

Aly Cook - Singer/Songwriter 40, Nelson, New Zealand

     Be assured, that this is not ‘hype’. The reason, this serum is the most potent anti-wrinkle cure ever designed, is because…

“ Hollywood Skin Care Formula Designer Uses
A Vital Pharmaceutical Industry Secret and Creates
The Biggest Breakthrough in The History of Skin Care!”

        Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the formula designer’s name. She’s signed dozens of non-disclosure agreements with A-list stars and Doctors. So, we’ll call her Madam X. She explains, “For the last 2 decades, top Hollywood Stars, Doctors, luxury spas and aestheticians have secretly hired me to develop 400 of the highest quality skin care formulas in the world. Then they put their names and labels on it.”

“Dozens of My Formulas Have Been
Featured In Magazines Such As
Vogue, People, W. and In Style.
My Client List Reads Like a
‘ Who’s Who In Hollywood’

        “The reason I’ve never released my products to the general population is because I just don’t want the fame. The truth is, I’m shy and reclusive. I would rather other people get the limelight.

        “Two months ago, my good friend Matt Gallant convinced me after a lengthy discussion, that women like you, need my latest creation: the Anti-Aging Super Serum. Like he said, you’re buying over-priced hype and brand names and you’re not getting the results you really want. When he said he would put his name on it, I agreed to give you an opportunity to experience it.”

        “There are 2 reasons you’ve never experienced a product as powerful, as the Anti-aging Super Serum. First of all, the big skin care companies aren’t willing to use some of the really potent ingredients to save on cost (Or they put a tiny amount, so they can put the ingredient on the label). Secondly, I am the first person in skin care to use one of the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest secrets…


"This is Science's Answer
To The Fountain of Youth!"

        “The pharmaceutical companies are spending upwards of US$100 billion a year on what’s called “chiral chemistry”. This makes their drugs more accurate at binding with the body’s known receptors.

        "If an active ingredient is chirally correct, it works like magic with your body's receptors! It's like using the right key to open a door... versus damaging the lock! This means, the Anti Aging Super Serum penetrates your skin and works all day long, while you do your business."

        “Not surprisingly, the ‘fat cat’ skin care companies don’t want you to know that, "chiral incorrectness" can't offer you any hope of receiving meaningful results. That’s the reason you’ve never heard of this technology until now.

" This Breakthrough Could Be The End of Plastic Surgery As We Know It..."

"Over the long run, Anti-Aging Super Serum gives you better results than invasive methods such as injections or chemical peels. Here's why, natural creams and serums with high-quality chirally correct ingredients gives you constant, gradual results. The chemical alternatives do work right away... but, the results begin to fade away immediately. The fact is, how you look right after the procedure is as good as it gets and it's all downhill from there!"

Key Ingredient Blows Away
Leading Wrinkle-Reducer By 150%!

        Doctors were shocked at the World Congress of Dermatology in Paris, France. They were blown away by the scientific studies, that revealed the extraordinary wrinkle reducing powers of a patented oglio peptide called PAL-KTTKS. They compared PAL-KTTKS, versus Vitamin C, a leading wrinkle reducer and a placebo on photo-aged skin.

         In the studies, subjects used the patented ingredient PAL-KTTKS solution on their wrinkles on one side of their face. They applied another solution containing either other wrinkle reducer, vitamin C or a placebo on the other side.

         Using cutting edge image analysis, the researchers saw "significant improvement" in the reduction of wrinkle depth, the length of the wrinkles lines and even the smoothness of the skin improved dramatically!

         Even more incredible, after the 1st 60 days, the PAL-KTTKS cream blew away the leading wrinkle reducer by 150% (In terms of thickening the skin)! Also, if you have sensitive skin the PAL-KTTKS cream does not cause the inflammation that the other product can sometimes cause. The bottom line is: the patented oglio-peptide solution dramatically exceeded vitamin C, the wrinkle reducer and the placebo (Yes, PAL-KTTKS is the key ingredient in the Anti Aging Super Serum).

"Never Seen Anything As Potent And Effective..."

"In my 17 years experience as a skin care specialist, I've never come across anything as potent and effective as Anti-Aging Super Serum. I recommend it to all my friends and clients!"

Jean Walker, 47,

  Yes! Smooth, youthful skin, less wrinkles and rapid results are possible… with none of the expensive, painful peels, facelifts and injections! It is common for users to get compliments such as, "You look younger, what are you using?"

        Another key ingredient in Anti Aging Super Serum is Spin Trap. Madam X elaborates, “Your body’s free radicals naturally spin out of control and slice into your healthy skin cells, which creates wrinkles. Spin trap stops the free radicals dead in their tracks. So, you maintain your youthful appearance!

In his New York Times best-selling book,‘The Wrinkle Cure’, Dr. Nicholas Perricone describes Spin Traps as:

"Stopping free-radical damage before it begins … these free-radical fighters will become a highly effective method of maintaining a youthful, radiant complexion throughout life..."

         Anti-Aging Super Serum is one of the first products to ever contain this ultra-potent wrinkle fighter! In fact, Anti-Aging Super Serum is loaded with Spin Trap! No expense was spared in the formulation of Anti-Aging Super Serum.

“ The Science In Anti-Aging Super Serum
Fights The Aging Process On
Several Simultaneous Levels”

         Although Pal-KTTKS and Spin Trap are a killer combo by themselves, Madam X added ARGIRELINE. Argireline is a second group of peptides that supports PAL-KTTKS. They’ll also help you fight wrinkles. They help prevent your skin from aging from repeated facial movements (which is one of the main causes of wrinkles). It smoothes your surface lines. Together with PAL-KTTKS, it creates powerful synergy!

        And she didn’t stop there! Anti-Aging Super Serum contains a 10% Vitamin C concentration level (Which is stronger than the majority of all the expensive stand-alone Vitamin C serums sold at department stores!). Vitamin C supports your collagen to help you from getting lines and wrinkles. Your collagen is like the frame of a house to your skin. When it collapses, your skin looks thin, unhealthy and old. So, you’ll give your skin’s collagen the strength it needs to regain and maintain it’s attractive youthfulness!

         But there’s even more. Your skin naturally possesses Hyaluronic Acid. But, as you get older those levels decline. This causes your skin to dehydrate and lose its natural plumpness. Supplementing your skin with Hyaluronic Acid is the key to moisturizing and hydrating your skin. The result is smooth, healthy skin with youthful plumpness.

        As if that’s not enough, Anti-Aging Super Serum contains the ultra potent, wrinkle-fighting ingredient: Resveratrol. Resveratrol is the active ingredient in red wine. It’s one of the most amazing anti-oxidants because of the overload of powerful polyphenols it contains. It helps support the Spin Trap. Together, there's a synergy created that allows your skin to recapture it’s attractive youthfulness in record time!

        Last but not least, there’s a special key-firming ingredient that’s unique, natural, and works instantly. In just 5 minutes, you’ll feel the face lifting effect! It blends almost imperceptibly with your skin, giving it softness and a nice glow, and even helps your make-up to stay on.

"An Absolute Must for Anyone Concerned With Aging..."

"This anti-aging serum is an absolute must for anyone who has concerns such about aging, and sun damage. It feeds my skin and prepares it for the next step of protection... This serum is my first choice - the most vital part to any successful skincare regime."

Morag Currin, Phoenix AZ

Licensed Esthetician

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How Quick And Easy Is It To Use?

        It literally takes you less than 30 seconds. First, wash your face, then pump 3 squirts of Anti-Aging Super Serum on your fingers and rub it into your skin. Since it’s chirally correct, your skin absorbs it instantly! That’s it! You’re ready to roll out the door! No more messy creams, no multi-step processes, no hassles. Isn’t that refreshing for a change?

Click The Play Button To Hear My Mind-Blowing Guarantee!

Have We Lost Our Minds To Offer a

         This is easily the boldest guarantee in the history of skin care! That’s right! You’re fully protected by our… Iron-Clad 90-Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee.

         All you need to do is: take a picture when you get the product holding that day’s newspaper, and then take another picture after 90 days holding that day’s newspaper. If there isn't a dramatic difference, just send the empty bottle with the pictures and newspapers we'll promptly send you a check for double what you paid! (limited to the 1st bottle only, not incl. s/h)

         Or, you can avoid that hassle and simply send the empty bottle back and you'll get an immediate full refund (minus s&h). No hassles, no questions asked, and we’ll still be friends.

Where Can You Get
Anti-Aging Super Serum?

         Don't bother going to Saks or any other high-end skin care store. They don't have it. The main reason Madam X didn't want retail distribution is simple. The cost of making Anti-Aging Super Serum is so high, retail stores would have to sell it for $250 a bottle or more.

         Retail stores add ridiculous mark-ups of up to 2000%. Since we don’t pay for: expensive store space, fancy packaging and training staff… We put all the money into the formulation and ingredients. So, you get maximum results while saving a small fortune!

      1 bottle will last you 1 month. It is recommended that you order the maximum of 3 bottles. The odds are next time you order, we'll be sold-out.

       Although it might seem expensive, $97 for a 28 ml bottle is an amazing price!

Click Here If You Are Ready

To Lose 10 Years Of Aging In 60 Days...

        In fact, it has possibly the lowest mark-up in the history of high-end skin care. It costs you less than a cup of coffee each day! Compare that to the precarious muscle injections, which costs $750 or more!

Still Not Convinced Yet?

Then Read more letters I got from happy users of the Anti Aging Super Serum...

"I'm Hooked..."

"WOW! MY SKIN FEELS LIKE SILK I'M HOOKED! Awesome product, fast shipping, excellent price, move over Plastic Surgery."

Kathy Mansfield, Ronkonkoma, New York, USA

"Definitely Makes You Look Younger And Sexier"

I was wowed after the 1st week! It definitely makes you look younger and sexier! All of my clients are asking me what I’m doing. All I can say is this stuff rocks!”

Peggy Schroeder, Vancouver, Canada

International Image Consultant


"Gives Me Hours of Confidence..."

"The serum smells nice, is soft on my skin, and give me hours of confidence. I apply it before any important meetings or events."

Rae Armour, Vancouver, Canada

Real Estate Agent, www.raearmour.com

"My Trainer Even Noticed The 1st Day..."

“ I Love The Serum! The Results Are Quite Noticable. It Gives My Face The Finishing Touch and It Smells Really Nice. My Trainer Even Noticed The 1st Day!"

Jolin Chang, Vancouver, Canada

Click Play To Hear Jolin

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To Turn Back The Clock!!


        There comes a moment in every women’s life, when how you look doesn’t connect with how you feel. Finally, you can stop that emotional roller coaster from controlling your life! In 60 days, you can have skin that looks 2 months older, feeling the same old frustrations… or… you can become the one that looks in the mirror and can’t believe how young you look again. Let all your friends and family be resigned to “looking their age”, while you recapture your youth!

         Now is the best time to transform your skin from dull and dry to youthful, moisturized and vibrant! Simply get your credit card and click here if you want to kiss your wrinkles Good Bye! Don’t hesitate!

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To Get The 30 Second Face-Lift!

        It’s a winning decision and with our amazing guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose! Just enter your information, and we’ll ship it that very same day. It’s that easy!

You Owe It To Yourself To Give This
Anti-Wrinkle Solution An Honest Try...

        Don’t delay! Click here right now to get started on your new life journey back to your youth. The truth is, when you look good on the outside, you feel great on the inside.

Your beauty ally,

Exclusive Distributor for Madam X

P.S. For a very limited time, I’ll pay the shipping out of my own pockets if you order 3 bottles more! So, don’t miss out!

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An Amazing Deal On

Hollywood's Anti Aging Secret

P.P.S. As a special Bonus...YOURS FREE! Only if you order now, you'll also get the amazing free booklet:"22 Fat Burning Recipes To Make Your Skin Glow From The Inside Out!" This amazing booklet contains Twenty-Two of the Tastiest Sauces, Snacks, Salads & Sweets... To Boost Your Health, Burn Fat And Delight Your Tastebuds!

P.P.P.S. Don't forget, we are taking ALL THE RISKS by offering you an "empty bottle 90 day DOUBLE YOUR money back guarantee"!

P.P.P.P.S. Don't be shy! If you have any questions what so ever, email me: support@antiagingsuperserum.com

"After trying every product I've ever heard of, and returning all of them... I finally found one I'm keeping! Anti-aging super serum really works! My face looks so much better right after I apply it and continues to look good throughout the day. It's not greasy or oily like some of the products I've tried.

The best part is, it's not five or six bottles and steps which take a long time. It's one great product and one step to better looking skin. This is one product that I plan on using forever!"

Lyn Royer-- Sterling, Virginia, USA

“I have tried tons of Anti Aging products and I can honestly say that the Anti-aging Super Serum is the best! In fact, after only 3 days of using it, 2 of my friends told me I look younger!

Dr. Brian Chittock -- London, England



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